The Global Community Tourism Network supports community tourism enterprises to achieve their unique social and environmental goals by breaking down barriers that exist in the tourism marketplace. It aims to increase capacity, quality and accessibility of community tourism enterprises all around the world. The main activities include:

Access Online Learning

The Planeterra Learning Hub is a practical, online learning resource made for communities to run a successful tourism enterprise. Explore resources in the following key categories:

  • Tourism Experience Development
  • Managing Your Business
  • Marketing Your Experience

Complimentary webinars and interviews help bring the knowledge to life. Follow our Updates page for the latest interviews and training sessions.

Connection with Peers

The online community provides a place for community tourism enterprises all around the world to connect and share their stories and experiences.

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Engage here by sharing about your organization, lessons learned, and helpful resources, as well as connecting with your peers for advice and guidance.

Become an Impact Partner

Planeterra is actively seeking partnerships and promotional opportunities that will allow the community partners in this growing Network to access the tourism market successfully, using Planeterra’s proven model for tourism development.
Learn more about how you can access promotional benefits of the Network by adhering to Planeterra’s Responsible Travel Policy.

Get Involved

Here are just few ways for you to get involved:

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The contents of this resource site are a collection of helpful materials, templates, and learnings that Planeterra has acquired through 16 years of work in responsible tourism enterprise development. The contents should not be taken as a replacement for professional financial or business advice. All contents should be interpreted and assessed against your local context. Some materials and resources are adapted through other sources, which are credited throughout the site.

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